Saturday, May 12, 2012


Well, you guys have done it again...I'm speechless!!!  EVERY YEAR I am humbled by everyone's generosity and support.  This year is no exception!  Andy and I cannot thank all of you enough for opening your hearts to our family and allowing us the opportunity to give back to an amazing organization that champions the health and well being of mothers and infants across the nation.  If I can spare just one mother the fear and stress of what I experienced, then all that we have been through and have done is completely worth it.  Sometimes when you face adversity you don't know what the end result or change in yourself will be.  For me, it forced me to re-evaluate priorities, my faith, my career, my expectations as a mother, and so on.  It allowed me to honestly see what a miracle my twins are and how precious life is.  It continues to remind me to be thankful every single day...even the TOUGH ones!

Thank you Kelly Hirano, The Pekala Family, Aunt Christin & Fam, The Wise Family, and Jeanee for helping to give me the SECOND best Mother's Day gift ever!  What a day!

For tonight's post I thought I would share pictures from the preschool art show.  Once again, New Horizons outdid themselves and put on another great event for the parents to enjoy.  It was so much fun to wander around the room and look at all of the wonderful creations made by the children.  Just plain gorgeous and heartwarming...

The walls were just COVERED with beautiful artwork!

Katy and Alyssa's dinosaurs

Hugs for sister...the girls were so excited to be able to sit next to each other at the performance

Telling usual!

Alyssa cracked me up with her outfit choice for the day..."Mom, I want to be ALL white!"

New Horizons Preschool Class of 2012

Singing and Signing

A&K just loving being on-stage

Katy posing with her dinosaur titled "MissNancyasaurus"

Alyssa with her dinosaur

Alyssa pointing out her parade pony...I helped that day in the art room!  So much fun!

Katy with hers

Katy's pig painting!

Katy showing us her portrait of ME!  Alyssa's is the one right next to it!

Mommy Fail!  Got called out by Katy...can you guess which statement is hers?  Well, now that  we have met our goal I guess I won't be on the computer as much! ; )

The girls standing next to their BEAUTIFUL sunflowers

Alyssa giving the thumbs up for her Whale

Refreshments with Miss Stephanie and her daughter, Madeline

More artwork to add to the BOX...planning to photograph everything and create a nice little coffee table book

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