Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Spa Day!

We may be down, but we are NOT out!  I know...a little ambiguous, but that's all we can be right now.

So let's focus on the positive!  Thank you Ingrid Hemesath and the Dixon Family for your March of Dimes donations today and helping us give back to those MOMS and BABIES in need!!!!

For their birthday, Alyssa and Katy received a gift certificate for a manicure from one of their super-sweet preschool friends.  So on Tuesday, Alyssa, Katy, my friend Kendra, and I had an all girls SPA DAY afternoon.  What a blast!  Pedicures for the moms and manicures for the little girls...ahhhhhh!!!!

Alyssa going first

A&K were SO excited, but they did a GREAT job holding still and being patient!

Any guesses on the color????

Fooled you!  Alyssa picked a lovely shade of yellow...???

Katy's turn

Katy stuck with her "signature color"

FUN with the GIRLS!

Katy showing off her nails...

But we weren't done yet!  The NICE ladies at the salon went and sparkles soon followed!

I think we're in trouble...too cute!

Alyssa wasn't too sure she wanted the "extras"...until she saw Katy's!

Pink Flowers for Alyssa

THANKS AGAIN to all of you who have donated now and over the years!  In our time of need, I would have been LOST without the support of my family, friends, and fellow NICU moms.  My passion for this cause can only be explained by what I experienced.  NOTHING can ever prepare you for having to place the life of your child (or in our case children) into the hands of someone else.  If I can find any small way to spare someone that feeling/experience or bring comfort to those I can't, I will.  Thanks for helping me!

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