Tuesday, May 15, 2012

bike day

 Lisa has done an awesome job with the blog this week while I was working night shifts.  Also awesome is how many donations we got the last 3 days!!  Suddenly, we have raised over $6000 and still going!  Today, my brother came through for us with another donation.

Excellent excuse to share photos from today's bike day at preschool.  The girls only have one more day at preschool...hard to believe.  Tons of fun to watch the chaos unfold.
bikes lined up ready to go

all the kids had to walk the course first

"this is the direction that everybody will go!!"

...and GO!!

Katy had her head down and tongue out!

she meant business

favorite from the day

picture I took with the iphone
Hard to get an idea with the pictures how fast the girls were going.  Check this out!

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