Saturday, May 05, 2012

Training Day

Today,we thank the Peterson's for their donation!  Best...neighbors...ever!

We took a fun trip downtown today to the Alaska Railroad open house.  Lisa and the girls picked me up at work and we rushed downtown...getting there only 30 minutes before it was supposed to be over.  But we found half of Anchorage still there!!  We saw that they were giving free rides on the train but we saw the line was over an hour and a half we broke the news to the girls that it wasn't going to happen and instead toured another train.
Girls checking out the domed car.

I had not seen this car before.  Very nice artwork.

Katy posing in front of the "giant wheels"
Stood in line to get into the engine.  I have to admit that I was pretty excited.  Always wondered what it was like up there.  Felt like a kid myself as we stood in line.
Katy wanting so bad to ride on the train.

Beautiful ladies

Check out Alyssa in the engineers chair!! I was actually a little jealous.

So after a while of watching the line dwindle, we hopped at the end hoping to squeeze on the last ride (now already 30 minutes past when they said they would stop giving rides).  The train slowly pulled away with still 50 or so people in line.  Not to be disappointed, they announced that they would do ONE MORE RIDE!!  Awesome!
While we waited for the last train of the day, there was a magician keeping the kids entertained

Practically had the entire car to ourselves.

The many faces of Katy...

Passing downtown
The train took us to Westchester Lagoon which was less than 10 minutes away...stopped and went back downtown.  It was a very pretty place to turn around.  Also noteworthy is this is where our March of Dimes walk starts every year!!

Alyssa reacting to hearing the train whistle

On the way back, the girls were acting just a little goofy

...and maybe, just maybe, driving me crazy.

What?  I was giving her a shoulder massage!

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