Friday, April 20, 2007

steady progress

The girls are super stars! They are improving every day. Their latest adventure is getting ready for breastfeeding. Usually it is at 34 weeks when the NICU babies will start to spend more and more time ....well you know...doing their thing....but our babies have been exploring for more than a week now and should be actually feeding from a bottle or ....uh...Lisa sometime this week.

Nurses and doctors still tell us to expect bumps in the road and are pretty positive this won't be a smooth process...but they don't seem to know my girls. So far, so good but we are kinda waiting for those bumps. Their expected discharge is still between 36 and 38 weeks gestational age. We are at 33 weeks and 2 days right now.

In other news, we received a phone call from our neonatologist. This was the specialist that we referred to that we were seeing for the twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I haven't really touched on this since they were born but the weeks leading up to their birth, the twin to twin transfusion had reversed. Someday I'll go into more detail as to what that means but it's 1:30am right now so you're getting the quick story. Anyway, the doctor called to ask Lisa's permission to write up our case for a medical journal. He said that he had discussed with a colleague and could only find one other case that was documented where the discordance between the babies had fully reversed. Lisa's response to it after she got off the phone was, "it's official...we're freaks!!!!"

There are other things going on but again, my eyes are a little droopy. I'll try to post some more good stuff later.

This is me with Kaitlyn a couple of nights ago and the girls this morning were cuddling when we came in for diaper changes and more holding. When you see them like this, Alyssa is always on the left and Miss Katy is on the right.


Amy said...


I knew you'd be in a medical journal...remember when I said that?!?! I think it's pretty cool!

As always, Alyssa and Katy are too cute for words! They are very photogenic!


Jan said...

That's great! Is the doctor going to mention prayer from all over the world????? What an awesome example of HIS love and power.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you're going to be an oddball.....might as well have it be in a very GOOD way! Do you think the Boost and bedrest had anything to do with it? *I* think Dr. D knows his stuff.

Your girls are beautiful. I just showed my almost-11-year-old TTTS girls the pictures you have posted, and I heard "AWWWWWWW!" in stereo as each new picture came on the screen. :) :) I remember so well when my girls looked just like yours, and now they are looking me eye to eye and borrowing my shoes.

Take care, get some sleep -

Laurie in OH from the TTTS board