Thursday, April 12, 2007

Posting from the hospital

I thought I would try to post real quick from the hospital while Lisa and Eileen were holding the babies on the other side of the room.

Today was another whirlwind of events but it doesn't seem like there is much to report. OH!! When we came in tonight, Katy was off of her IV so she is now allowed to start wearing her one-sies. Guess who put on her first outfit? HER DADDY!!!

The IV was allowed to stop because they are getting more and more milk with every feeding (still through a tube that goes in their nose and down to their stomach) and waning off of the IV's as the milk volumes goes up. Tonight we hit that critical value where it was okay to stop the IV for Katy and since they won't need access to her arms and legs to change and dress the IVs, we were finally allowed to dress her with something more than a diaper.

Alyssa will soon follow suit. Her IV is just a tad behind so the nurse said that she should be losing that tonight and may be dressed in a one-sie first thing in the morning.

We're going to have an early start tomorrow morning. Lisa and I are going to go meet with our future pediatrician for the first time and then spend the rest of the morning with the girls.

I should be able to post again from home before I go to bed with some pictures of me dressing Katy but I just wanted to do a quick update while I was still here.

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