Saturday, April 07, 2007

4/7 evening update

Wow what a day! I can't believe it's already almost 6:00. Today has been another whirlwind of taking care of the babies, pumping, and for the first time trying to rest.

We started early after getting very little sleep again last night. We ate, pumped, let the nurse do all her checks with Lisa, and got down to be with the babies by about 9:30am. We spent the next 2 hours talking with the nurse on duty down at the NICU taking care of our girls about their charts. We went page by page until every little thing was explained so we can now flip through their charts on our own and know what to look for.

Overnight, they did really well in their isolette together. We still hadn't had a poopie diaper yet (that's a technical term) for either of them and it was getting to the point where they may have to get a suppository. They are also looking like they are going down the road to be treated for jaundice which is very common for premies. Their skin was very red yesterday and seemed to be changing color today. By tomorrow, they may be doing phototherapy. No big deal.

So at 11:30, we headed back to the room so Lisa could pump again and we could eat. We told the nurse we wanted to do the Kangaroo Care again this afternoon...that's where we hold them on our bare chest. We arranged to come back for their 1pm feeding and spend the afternoon with them. It could not have gone better.

First, we had to change diapers for the first time. Actually, I think Lisa changed one yesterday while I was talking with someone else but today was a full-on lesson on the first, and we were on our own for the second. The good news was that both girls had poopie diapers!!! I probably won't be as excited about that a few months from now but today it was a beautiful site. I won't take much credit. I just assisted. My job was to keep her hands away from the danger zone.

So after the diapers were freshened up, we stripped down and got comfortable on some big reclining chairs...another big advantage of being in the level 2 NICU, we have recliners. We spent the next 2 HOURS holding the girls on our chests! It was an amazing experience. I can see why mothers get that special bond when they breastfeed. It was such an incredible feeling that tiny life on your skin..cooing and crying and pulling out chest hairs (Lisa doesn't have that problem so much).

That, too, was one of the first times we were able to really just sit back and relax. We sang to them and talked the whole time. It was all very sweet.

That went until almost 3:00. We came back and Lisa pumped again (still not producing yet but it'll come eventually), we had a quick snack and then we TOOK A NAP!!!!! Can you believe it?! We had an hour before dinner was going to arrive so we put some classical music on the computer and fell asleep almost immediately. Dinner just came and went and now Lisa is catching up on some phone calls to our close friends that we haven't had a chance to call yet.

If you haven't heard from us yet, don't be discouraged. We love you all and want to talk to everyone...and will eventually.

Lisa's mom arrives in a couple of hours. We will stay here another 2 nights and then start the commuting back and forth to care for the girls.

Here is Lisa right after she was handed Kaitlyn. Yes there is a baby under there.


Lisa didn't like this picture the nurse took of her...I'm posting it without her consent because I think she looks beautiful

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish my twins could be babies again, just for a day! Or maybe two. I remember the feeling of a little baby or two on my chest. Lisa is an incredibly beautiful new mom, you were right to post that picture Andy. I hope you don't mind that I'm still checking your blog and responding. I am just absolutely thrilled for you (esp. after the TTTS troubles) and can feel what a lovely family you are. Congratulations again and Happy Easter. :)

Laurie in OH