Friday, April 06, 2007


Ok. It's just after noon and I ran home while Lisa was eating to give me a chance to shower and give the dog some attention...and of course to grab more stuff.

I just downloaded some pictures and wanted to share. You may want to sit down, these are pretty cute.

A quick story. Since we went in yesterday for what was supposed to be a quick checkup and had no real signs that anything could happen, we didn't have a cell phone...that was charged at least...or a camera. The minute we found out this was going to happen, I called Micki and asked her to come up with a camera...okay I told her to. She packed up her twins and was at the hospital in record time.

When I came out of surgery and was going to see the girls for the first time 2 minutes after they were born, Micki was standing there at the entrance to the NICU with her camera. She saved the day once again! So I took some pictures with her camera for the first several hours until I had a chance to run home and grab our camera. These pictures are from our camera from 8pm last night until this morning. So there will be more pictures of 5 minute old babies coming soon before they were hooked up to the monitors.

Sorry that wasn't a quick story at all but I thought it was relevant.

about 10:30pm last night, our first father-daughter bonding time while Lisa was sleeping. This is Alyssa.

the infamous picture I showed Lisa in her room to which she replied..."let's go"

Last night around midnight...Lisa's first time holding Kaitlyn.

proud parents

Alyssa opening her eyes this morning and looking at Lisa. This melted my heart.

Be sure to click on those last two at least to see them in full size. It's pretty amazing.

So the question I've been asked a ton already and will continue to be asked is, are they identical? We still haven't received the blood work to confirm it.

It may be hard to tell in the pictures but their hair is almost frosted. Kaitlyn especially has VERY blond hair, almost white. A lot of their hair is still kinda stuck to their head so it's hard to tell if it's all blond or not just yet. Kaitlyn is a little chubbier in her cheeks so right now that is how we have been distinguishing them, Kaitlyn's hair is a bit blonder and she's chubbier. It's amazing I can see a little bit of me in both of them and some other people have pointed that out too. Initially, I really thought they looked like Lisa but I'm able to see some of my traits too. Pretty amazing.

After a shower (WHEW) I'll be heading back to see them share the same incubator for the first time. Lisa's mom arrives tomorrow evening to help out. The hospital has wireless internet but I'm skeptical. We'll see. I may be able to post more tonight from the hospital.

OH, and no real further update. Oxygen levels are pretty good. The last talk I heard was they were going to take Kaitlyn off completely soon...maybe by the time I get back.

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Dad said...

Hey Andy

Better be sensitive about that word :chubby" around your girls! Congradulations again!!!