Tuesday, April 17, 2007

gonna get to bed at a decent hour tonight!!

So I'm going to post now instead of when I get home at 11ish.

I didn't make it to work this morning...I tried...but not a chance. I was falling asleep in the shower after sleeping through my alarm for an hour and a half. By the time I was getting ready, my half day would have been only a third of a day so I decided to skip the 3 hours of work and spend more time with the girls. It turned out to be a good decision.

We had a great nurse today. We spent the first couple of hours holding the girls and talking with the nurse and then we went down the hall to our bi-weekly double cuddles group meeting (a group of parents and twins). Today, though, there were 5 sets of twins with all their moms and no dads!! After about 2 minutes of all that estrogen, I decided to go back down the hall and spend the hour with MY girls instead of all of those other twins. Lisa and her mom stayed and had a good time...but I got to be alone with my girls.

Almost, the nurse was there but I had some good quality dad/daughters time.

During the holding time, Lisa tried something new. She held both girls "football style" and let the girls do a little investigating. Both of them fell asleep pretty fast but it was pretty magical watching Lisa hold both girls under her arms. It was very special.

The pictures don't do it justice because we could not get the right angle without exposing Lisa.

Alyssa is on the left and Kaitlyn Marie is tucked in on the right.

And our girls are now in their own crib!!! They are regulating their temperatures well enough to move into the open air crib. They should be in this until they go home.


Amy said...

Lisa and Andy,

I continue to be amazed at how strong and beautiful Alyssa and Kaitlyn are! That's wonderful that they're in their own crib. Kudos to Lisa for trying the double football hold--if you don't have your Boppy yet, I highly recommend getting one! I loved mine and Jacob likes to lay down on it now on the floor.


Dad Boroczk said...

Sounds like dad needs a little "down time".