Friday, April 27, 2007

special moments

Another INSANELY long day coming to a close. It started early this morning when my alarm went off. I was so out of it that I called work and told them I was going to be late. After a few weird moments, the lead forecaster realized that I was a little confused and out of it and explained that I still had an hour and 15 minutes to get to work. I had looked at the clock and believed it was one hour later than it was. I was so out of it. Management had a good laugh at my expense when I showed up...on time.

10 hours of work, then I came home to work on the crib and have a quick bite to eat. We made it up to the hospital at 9 and held the girls for a couple of hours. Lisa had her own busy day. She was up at the hospital in the morning, had lunch with our friend Micki, then back to the hospital until 6ish...all the while pumping every 2 hours.

Tomorrow I have to work again but will be taking a couple hours off to go and take a CPR class for preemies...which brings me to a realization that I had today. Since I've been in Alaska, I've never worked for the weekends. I always show up for work until the schedule says I don't have to come in anymore...whether it's 3 days or 5 days...I just work what's on the schedule and don't pay much attention to the time I have scheduled off. This week, I must have looked at the schedule a dozen times as if it was going to magically change I would be off sooner than Saturday. This is a weird feeling of being SO tired and really looking forward to that first day off so I can catch up with all this stuff I need to do. Is this what normal corporate work feels like? Or is this just what it feels like when you have kids? Kinda weird.

So the ladies....we arrived this evening to find Alyssa sucking away on her pacifier in the crib (I haven't seen that before) and Kaitlyn assisting. The siberian husky beanie baby is leaning up against the binkie to keep it in and Kaitlyn is making sure the husky doesn't run away. Good stuff.

Then we held for a long time and Lisa needed to pump again. What usually happens is we put them both back and I go get the pump or just sit there and talk to Lisa. Today I suggested that I hold BOTH GIRLS!!!! As you can imagine, you feel pretty helpless once you have them both but it was a very nice feeling. Today they are 3 weeks old and we certainly have come a long way. I really enjoyed looking at them and holding them so close. It only lasted about half an hour before my arms fell asleep but it was incredible while it lasted.

And YES AMY!!! We saw Blades of Glory!! It was our first movie at the theater since January and we had a blast.


Anonymous said...

A wise man once said that "time is the most critical of all resources, the most precious and most difficult to manage" because you never can add to the amount you have in a day, a month or a year. Enjoy your riches, forget the unnecessary and live, laugh and love.

Amy said...

Am I good or what?!?! :) I just KNEW that lisa would want to see that...Daev and I thought it was pretty funny.

Your girls are beautiful and so sisterly to each other already!

Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me over the next week...we're taking Jacob with us on vacation. I'll be saying the Serenity Prayer a LOT over the next week as we endure our first vacation with a toddler!!