Friday, April 06, 2007

Quick update

It is 9am on Friday. The girls are about 19 hours old and still doing very well. Lisa and I got minimal sleep last night. I stayed at the hospital to help with pumping and well...everything else a new dad does the first night.

I checked on the babies every couple of hours and was able to hold Alyssa for the first time at about 10:30 last night. We had a wonderful conversation for about 30 minutes about being the big sister and then I sang her some songs.

Lisa was sleeping at the time and hadn't been out of the bed yet. I came back to see her getting up for the first time with the help of the nurse. I showed her a picture of me holding Alyssa and she said..."Let's go!"

We got her in a wheel chair and went back just in time for Kaitlyn's feeding so Lisa was able to hold her for about 15 minutes. Her oxygen level started to go down so she had to go back in her incubator and get some more oxygen in her nose. They both were on C-paps for a while but are off now. Paw-Paw uses a C-pap so he knows what that's like.

I'm going to run back and help pump some milk for the girls. Remarkably, Lisa is getting a little milk already which nobody was expecting. At some point, I'll run home again and get the computer so I can post the first pictures. They are ADORABLE!!!

Thanks again everyone for the prayers. Love you all and can't wait to talk to everyone.


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Dad said...

Congradulations - can't wait to see the Girls. Grandad Boroczk