Monday, May 10, 2010


Not the best title to a post ever but our lives have been centered around an event that happened over the weekend...instead of getting ready for the walk, we're just getting by right now. BUT we still do have 3 more days to raise money. Today, we received 2 donations. One for Mr. Anonymous (he must be LOADED!) and a second from a great guy in Montana, Matt Solum! Thanks to both of you for pushing us further past our goal!

Tragedy struck our household Friday morning. A lot of you have heard through facebook or otherwise...but to bring everybody up to speed, Lisa took a nasty spill on Friday. I had just called in sick for the second day in a row because of a sinus infection. I decided to stay home and rest while Lisa took the girls to a play date. She had just got them in the car when she realized she forgot the camera. She came upstairs to get it and on her way back out into the garage, stepped down and onto a shoe and turned her ankle. She went down in a LOT of pain. I happened to be walking by the top of the stairs when it happened so I was down by her side in less than 10 seconds. It was pretty tragic. As painful an experience it was for her, I'll have to live with that sound and then the sight of her laying on the ground screaming in pain. It was mind numbing.

Adrenaline kicked in and quickly got her in the car and rushed her to the ER. The girls, already in the car, were VERY concerned the whole time. "Mommy, are you okay? Mommy, don't cry. Be brave, Mommy!"

The diagnosis...Lisa suffered 2 avulsion fractures. This happens when the ligaments are stretched so far that the bone actually breaks away! Hard to believe that's even possible. The treatment is similar to a sprain. No cast and no surgery. She'll be confined to the couch/bed for the next week or so when she'll start putting some pressure on it. The ER doctor said to expect to be up and walking again relatively normal in about 4 weeks. We'll probably get a better read on that when we follow up with an orthopedist this upcoming Friday morning.

So that puts a damper on a lot of our plans. Lisa half jokingly said on the way to the ER "THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE SUMMER OF GEORGE!!" She really did have a lot of things planned these next several weeks. Seems like we've been waiting and waiting for May so we can finally get out and really enjoy Alaska and then something silly like this happens. So I would say Lisa is more tormented psychologically than physically right now. It's been rough for her to sit on the couch and watch me play with the girls, or chase them around, or cook, or clean, or whatever...and she can only sit there and watch. Hopefully the orthopedist will have nothing but great news on Friday and Lisa will be back sooner than expected.

The other bit of good news in all this is Lisa's mom was already scheduled to arrive this upcoming Friday night! She was coming to join us for the walk and the girls first dance recital. So it is a very timely visit indeed. We called a babysitter that we haven't used before to come over and help out Lisa tomorrow so I can go back to work Tuesday and Wednesday. We'll play it by ear Thursday and Friday...but thank goodness Eileen is coming when she is.

Now...all that to catch you up on our lives...but all you really came for were some pictures. Needless to say, we haven't had the chance to do much exciting lately. The girls and I have been finding ways to entertain us...playing ball outside, bike rides, chasing each other, drawing, and of course jumping off of the step stools (or as they say "skep skools".

I didn't get a picture of it but Alyssa was actually landing on the green carpet. That is a LONG jump! We were both pretty impressed.

So sorry for the somewhat lame pictures this evening. Hopefully we will be doing better each day.

And don't wait any longer to donate. Last day to donate is this week. I'm actually not sure if it's Wednesday or Thursday so donate early to be sure!!! Thanks again everybody for the well wishes and the donations!

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