Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today, a donation has been made to our name by the Human Fund. The Human Fund -- Money for People. OK, I told Tom I would say that. Now, he'll probably admonish me for saying this but I have to acknowledge his contributions. Tom is a very close friend of mine and has made several big donations this year. He isn't doing it to be recognized (I realize nobody really is) but Tom really doesn't like to be the center of attention. But too bad Tom, I have to share with everyone what a great friend you are and how much we appreciate you!! THANK YOU TOM!!!!

Besides everything else that is going on right now that is special to us, May 13th marks a very important date for us. It is the 3rd anniversary of when we brought the girls home from the NICU. It was on this day, Mother's Day, 3 years ago that we nervously brought the girls home, put them on the couch and looked at each other and said "what do we do now?"

Since Friday is bank day, tomorrow (Thursday) is essentially the last day to receive donations. I think everybody that was going to donate has donated but we're still hoping for a last second surprise. As it is right now, we have far surpassed our $3000 goal. Absolutely amazing! More on that later.

Maybe I'll share another time why today was such a big day...but for now, just know that the timing of Lisa's injury was also bad because I had some important things going on at work. Staying home late last week because I was sick and not being able to work over the weekend actually added to the stress of today's events. Thankfully, we found a babysitter that helped Lisa out the last two days so I could go to work and focus on the task at hand. Now that is done and we can turn our attention back on this weekend's festivities.

I'm using that as my excuse for not really getting out and taking some good pictures/videos of the girls recently. Lisa told me tonight that she had taken some really cute pictures of the girls right before she tried to leave Friday and ended up breaking her foot. So here are those pictures...taken about 10 minutes before the incident.

Seriously...look at all that hair!!

The girls enjoying Toy Story 2 right before they left.

And a special treat...this was taken in the ER as we were waiting in our room. We didn't have to wait long before they came in and took off her shoe so this was literally in the first 3 minutes that we got there. And notice who took the picture. Lisa kept it together to still realize how cute the girls were even as she was in all that pain. I believe I was just around the corner in the hallway trying not to pass out at this moment. And as you can see, the girls really were adorable. As the nurse told us later, EVERYBODY was talking about them and going out of their way to walk by our room to get a glimpse of the girls.

If you are reading this, you have probably already donated. But just in case you haven't, please do so today! And if you know of anybody else that might want to contribute, ask them TODAY! Thank you everybody for getting us this far!

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