Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HUGE day!!!

Well, I knew a couple more donations were going to come in this week but had no idea my parents were planning this!! I hope some of you saw on the flyer that we sent out that my mom was doing a show for Longaberger to help raise money. Not only were we able to give away some great baskets to some big donors, she donated her commission from that show to March for Babies. Unexpected and HUGE!

Not to be outdone, my dad wanted to get in on the action so he waited until this week to give his donation. Well played, Dad!

Suddenly, we are over $3500!!!!

Thank you Mom and Dad for getting us WAY past our goal.

Needless to say, we have been a little short on time the last couple of days so no real great pictures or videos. I'm going to work on a great video this weekend as a thank you to everybody...until then, you might just have to put up with some less than stellar photography. Right before bedtime tonight, the girls were snuggling with Lisa for a few minutes so I grabbed the camera. I need to get a picture of her bruised ankle though...hmmmm, I need to make that happen tomorrow. But here is Lisa's current resting place. Pretty sad, I know.

I did find out today that bank day isn't until Friday so we have a couple more days than I thought to finish up. Get those donations in!!

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