Saturday, May 15, 2010

March for Babies 2010!!

What a day! March for Babies 2010 is complete!

We had to get a little creative to fit in all the activities this morning. The girls had their dress rehearsal at the same time of the walk. So I met Shaun at the walk to get started. Lisa and Eileen took the girls to the rehearsal and then met Shaun and I at a park along the walk. The girls had a blast at this same park last year...and loved it up this year too. After a while of slides and swings, Shaun and I took the girls down the rest of the walk and Lisa and Eileen drove to meet us back at the start. There, we saw some of our NICU friends.

I'll share the pictures from the park tomorrow. Tonight, I got a late start so here are a few pictures from the end of the walk. This first one is Lisa with NICU nurse Lori, the same nurse who took the video of us giving the girls their first bath in the NICU.

Dannielle and her girl, Grace, were there too. This is the same Dannielle that we overlapped in the NICU by one day.

This is my wife eating a hot dog while sporting das boot!

They were taking down the big bouncy castle and asked the girls if they could help.

The happy fundraisers in front of the "stage".

...and the reasons we walk.

I'll share the rest of the pictures tomorrow. We have the recital tomorrow. Rehearsal went well. Lisa just told me that they did pretty good but the funniest part was after they got home, Alyssa suddenly broke down and started crying. Lisa asked what was wrong and she said "I FORGOT TO MOVE MY ARMS!!!"

So Lisa promised she would remind her to move her arms tomorrow. This should be good. We'll have plenty of videos and pictures to share later.

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Amy said...

Yeah for Touched By Twins! Soooo proud to be a part of this awesome team! Can't wait for next year? Maybe we should take turns walking in each other's states--wouldn't that be cool?? Love you guys!