Monday, May 03, 2010

LATE donations!

I just happened to check before I went to bed and noticed 2 late night donations just rolled in. First, Mr. Anonymous (notice the missing " ") donated AGAIN! Thank you, Anonymous!

And two very special twin boys (2 year olds) Noah and Avery stayed up way past their bedtime, logged on to the Internet, and made a donation! Thank you Noah and Avery (and their parents too)!!

Well just in case, I had a video ready to go. This was taken on Thursday at dance class. This is the girls rehearsing "The Monkey Dance". They'll be wearing the elephant costumes next Sunday and doing this on a stage. I hope they are enthusiastic next Sunday as they are here.

So suddenly with these two donations, we are only $230 away from our goal of $3000! I have a hunch there might be a few that are waiting to donate until we get close to that $3000 mark so they can be the ones that put us over. Well, if you're one of those people, just know that I've saved something special JUST FOR YOU! You want to be that person!

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