Thursday, May 13, 2010

NICE!!! Way to bring it home!!!

Well that was unexpected! We got 3 more donations today to bring our 2010 total up to $3830!!! Our Touched By Twins team raised an incredible $5940! Wow! Seriously...think about how much money that is. That is so amazing. Thank you all for making this such a huge success this year!

Today, I want to thank a close friend here in Anchorage and his beautiful family for donating...Andy, Kendra, and Malena. I should also recognize them for going above and beyond the call of duty by making us an incredible stew and dropping it off over the weekend after Lisa hurt her foot. They had just got back from a long vacation and heard of our misfortune and immediately offered to make us a meal. What great friends!! We are so blessed to have you guys in our lives.

Cindy, a friend through my leadership group also donated today. It speaks volumes to us when people that are so far removed from us and in Cindy's case, has never met Lisa or the girls, but she still recognized how important this was and made the effort to donate. Thanks Cindy!

And the final donation of the year goes to my brother. Scott came through in the final hour with a big donation. There was only minor harassing involved. Seriously, thank you Scott and Alison!

Final post before the walk...I took a few pictures this evening after dinner and before bedtime. Suddenly, Katy remembered that she could flip so they spent the next 30 minutes flipping...or at least trying.

After I told Alyssa "no", this was the face I got. Seconds after this picture, she was laughing and flipping again.

These two are through the eyes of the girls. They each took a turn sitting in my lap and pointed and pushed the button to take a picture of their sister. Not bad.

I feel like we're at the end of a marathon. 6 weeks. $3830 raised. 31 blog posts. Hundreds if not thousands of pictures taken and dozens of videos. Tons of love and appreciation!

I hope we've gained some new fans of the blog and you'll come back and check in on us during the year. We'll be posting pictures and videos from the walk on Saturday and then their first dance recital on Sunday. Then next week I'm going to edit a video to show the girls through the first 3 be looking for that next week.


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