Friday, May 14, 2010

Now THAT'S how you finish!!

THAT WAS AWESOME! We weren't expecting that at all! This morning right before we left for Lisa's appointment with the orthopedist, I put one of our friends on the spot and asked if he was going to follow up...sure enough he came through.

So thank you Scott and Renee for your donation today!

We take off for the appointment and then stopped by the bank to turn in our sponsor form and the cash that we had accumulated. There, we were treated like rockstars. I feel guilty and a little selfish when people make a big deal about how much money we raised but...I admit it feels good. BUT I have to give ALL the credit to you! We have the best friends and family in the world.

The topic came up about where we ranked for most money raised. It sounded like we were second IN THE STATE!!! And the husband and wife that raised the most money works for BP and got a lot of matching donations through BP. We didn't get any matching donations so every penny was from our friends' and family's pockets. That means a lot to us and it says a lot about you all. You truly are the best!

Then we get home and during the girls nap, Lisa hops on Facebook and posts our final numbers. Not so fast my friend!! Somebody (who wishes to remain anonymous because she's so cool like that!!) donated the last $145 to get us to $4000!!! AMAZING!! I can't believe we raised (i.e. you all GAVE) $4000! So amazing. It just blows my mind. That's a huge number.

THEN!!! Two more people donated this evening to bring our total to $4045! Thank you Katrina in Boulder. She is a twin and an old friend from high school.

And thank you Dannielle!! Dannielle is another parent of a premature baby girl. Lisa just told me that her baby girl was born at 30 weeks...and that she was born a day before we were discharged so we actually were in the NICU at the same time (for one day). Dannielle did an amazing job raising money too for March for Babies and will be out there walking with us tomorrow.

Again, sorry for the lack of great pictures. The girls were looking pretty cute sitting on the coffee table eating their snack so I snapped a few pics. The hug came out of nowhere...I still don't know why they just leaned over and hugged each other. I love my cute girls!

And a video. Nothing special. I'm not real happy with it but I wanted to post a little more than just the 3 pics.

So the walk is in the morning. I will be there first thing and then Lisa, Eileen, and the girls will meet me at a park half way down...then we'll all drive back to the beginning so Lisa can be apart of the festivities and we can take some pictures by the banner again. It's not ideal.

Oh by the way, the appointment with the orthopedist went okay. No bad news certainly but no great news either. He backed up the estimate of when she'll be recovered to 4-6 weeks and will have to do some PT as well. And instead of the little air cast, they upgraded to a really fancy boot. It has already been nicknamed "Das Boot"! It's a little more cumbersome but I think it will give her a little more confidence to start putting weight on it sooner.

So that is where we are. Exciting day tomorrow. I will post pictures tomorrow evening from the walk and then get to working on a thank you video to everybody Sunday or Monday.

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