Tuesday, May 04, 2010

$3000....and change!!!

WE DID IT!!! Today, Lisa's mom donated enough to get us to $3000! And then Renee swooped in and got us over the top! Thank you Renee and thank you Eileen!

Well, I kinda had a hunch that one of our parents was going to get us to our goal. So my idea was to give that lucky individual a framed picture of her choice. So Eileen, go through and pick a picture from the blog and we'll blow it up and frame it for you!

Today...a couple pictures of our morning's adventures outside.

Alyssa had a hard time getting her helmet to fit right.

I believe Nana had it right. Alyssa was the first elephant and Katy was #2. Well done, Nana!

Now it's time to see how much we can make! You all have done amazing so far but we still have 10 days to go. Let's do this thing!!!

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