Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Obi Wan made a donation today!!

Well, maybe not THE Obi Wan but a very important Jedi Master. Tom is my mentor. Tom and I were paired at a leadership workshop in the fall. He's been guiding me through some career and personal development and is an amazing person! I honestly wasn't expecting it today...I didn't realize he had been following our progress but sure enough, Tom donated! Thank you, Tom!!!

Lisa and the girls took off for Eagle River Nature Center while I stayed home and worked on the bathroom. I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection so the break home was a welcomed one...but I sure wish I could have been there with the ladies.

Lisa met her friend Jen and her boys Avery and Noah there. Looks like everybody had a great time.

Oh, how I wish the good camera was there with everybody. Still a great picture.

Time for a picnic.

I have a funny story too. Before they left this morning, the girls noticed a spider on the wall. They were a little concerned but okay with it. Lisa was closest to it (that's the story I'm going with) so she got a kleenux and killed the she thought. The girls asked to see it. Now Lisa SHOULD have just continued on to the toilet but she wanted to satisfy the girls' curiosity and show them the squished spider. Well the spider wasn't quite dead. Just as Lisa is leaning over to show the girls, the spider jumps out back onto the carpet right next to where the girls were sitting. Lisa SCREAMED!!! The involuntary scream not only scared the be-jeebus out of REALLY scared the girls too. They immediately started crying. I was okay. I just spit a little coffee on the puter.

I'm telling this story because well, it was really cute when they were both crying hysterically but it also set Lisa up for a fun day. Every little bug or mosquito the girls saw today turned into a BIG deal. They were freaking out all day long. We could be in for a loooong summer!

So 9 days to go! Get those donations in!!


Josh and Kristi said...

I have a picture of me - pregnant with Lily in that same tree!! And OMGosh the pigtails below? Be-still-my-heart!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Feeling left out, I am!"