Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ransom note worked!

I have to give all the credit to Lisa for coming up with the funny ransom note. If you weren't a fan of the ransom note, then you didn't understand the rules of the game. Rules are...we post every day that we receive a donation. No money = no post. So today, my brother and my dad came through with big donations and pushed us over the $2000 mark! With 10 days to go before the walk, we are already at $2110.

And thanks to my brother and Dad, here are a few pictures from yesterday. The girls LOVE going out on the balcony...especially to look for our next door neighbors dog, Wrigley.

It's the saddest thing, Alyssa has been playing so hard this week. She has fallen and scraped her knees. She won't keep band aids on so we put on the invisible band aid stuff, but even that is a struggle. This next picture is how bad her knee is now.

Katy is looking for her boo-boo too.

Then we asked if they had any on their hands and they both looked at the same time. Kinda cute.

We went to the zoo today and got plenty of great pictures. They'll be waiting for our next donation!

By the way, happy 35th birthday to my brother! What a great birthday! Cinco de Mayo, doesn't get better than that.


Dad said...

Kudos to Lisa. I immendiately recognized the ransom note and thought it was an exceptionally clever way to add some levity to this serious business of raising money for families and children in need. What could I do but PAY, PAY, PAY!


Amy said...


That's how a toddler's knees are SUPPOSED to look!! :)

Congrats on raising so much!