Monday, May 11, 2009

Making me work hard!

Tom has done it again! You can thank my buddy Tom for making sure that I'm posting every day. I don't know if he can keep it up for the next 4 days but I'll keep my end of the bargain...I'll be ready with pictures and/or videos of the girls every day this week. are an AWESOME friend! Wish you were still up here.

I also know that Tom is a huge fan of the videos of the I made a couple tonight just for him. These two videos are of the girls showing off their sign language skills. We have grown to love the series "Signing Time". The girls are always asking to watch it. It has helped us trememdously with communicating with them. I know it's hard to tell what the real sign is in these videos but we know...and when they can't sound out a word or think of something, they sign it and we know immediately. Thank goodness for Signing Time.

Anyway, here is Katy signing some of the colors.

And here is Alyssa signing some farm animals while doing a puzzle.

I'll be ready tomorrow. 4 days to go!!

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