Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Back again!

Today, we have Mary to thank for her very generous donation. It is truely a blessing that so many people are contributing to this cause. We have such wonderful family and friends! Thank you all!

I may have mentioned the incredible weather lately. Although our house never quite reached 70 degrees during the stretch of warm weather, it felt AMAZING! We got out every day and did something fun with the girls. The last day before we got some clouds and rain, we went to the of the girls favorite place in the world.

Here is a close-up of some buds finally popping out.

Unfortunately it appeared an entire elementary school was visiting the zoo the same day we went...but the girls held their own. They walked almost the entire time...and you should hear the shreaks of joy when the see the eagles.

One of the reasons we love our zoo so much is because of how close you get to be to the animals. Usually, there aren't a lot of people so I think they designed the zoo to allow you to be closer, since there are fewer people to share the viewing areas with. Make sense? Anyway, where else could you get this close to wolves?! They are absolutely breath-taking! I tried to take a couple pictures to get the scale. You just can't believe how big these guys are. They are HUGE!!

Sorry for the lack of commentary on this one. I had to queue these pictures up at home before I went to work so not sure the order.

Hopefully I'll get to post again tomorrow. We took a couple hilarious videos today. ;)

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Honey said...

I know that zoo, I love that zoo and I miss that zoo! ... NOT TO MENTION missing the cute Brown Twins walking around loving it! Can't wait to get there this summer! Don't you think the eagles miss me Andy???
Beautiful pictures!