Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lazy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day all...well at least the mothers out there.

We received a couple more donations yesterday. The Nelsons in Anchorage contributed and Tom came back for more...donating for a second day in a row. I hope that was on purpose! :)

Although we have thousands of pictures that I haven't shared, I've been trying to take new pictures to post on the blog. So today was one of those days where I slept most of the day after a nightshift and after eating dinner, we just didn't feel like going out and taking a walk. So I got the camera out and just started clicking. It's easy to take good photos when the girls are this cute.

Here's something cool. If you look real close at one of these pictures of their eyes, you'll see that they are pretty blue but they have some hint of green or brown in them. So tonight I took a few pictures of our eyes to show you where they got those beautiful eyes...mainly Lisa but just a little bit me.

Take a look at Katy's face. If you are familiar with the movie Zoolander, you will instantly recognize this expression.

Actually, I think that first one is LeTigre.

This last one is definitely Magnum.

I love that face!

FINAL PUSH!!!! Keep those donations rolling in!


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Anonymous said...

Hope Lisa had a Great Mother's Day!

Tom said...

I'm pretty sure that first one was Blue Steel, not Le Tigre.