Sunday, May 03, 2009

Going on 14 days in a row!!

You guys just won't give me a break...and I LOVE IT! Today, we thank Jefferson "The Pirate" for his donation. I'm starting to think we might really make $2000! Unreal. Thank you everyone.

Before I share some pictures from this evening, I want to share a funny email I got today.
Dear aginak

My name is Yang JunMyong

I am an assistant of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), the only
public broadcasting company in Japan.

We are currently creating an information program called

"Tokudane Touko Doga".

This TVprogram broadcasts every thursdaynight from 0:30to0:40.
Its kind of presentation about goodmovies

Today I am seding this e-mail having seen your movie
(Brown twins - giggles)

In this program we would like to feature your video(s).
So here are one questions for you.

1.Can we feature your video(s) in our program?

attention:Our purpose is just presend movies,so we can not sell any discs.

We would truly appreciate it if you could help us with this program.

Please answer these questions if possible


Yang JunMyong



I don't know, I think it looks pretty legit. Since I put all of our videos on youtube for the world to see anyway, I don't have a problem with them using it on their show so I gave my permission. What's funny is it reminds me of a great Seinfeld episode when Jerry signs 12 cent royalty checks he got because of a clip of him on some Japanese tv show. Sound familiar?

Here is the video they want to use.

Nothing really exciting today. I worked the early shift and had an insanely busy 8 hours at work so I was more than happy to take a nap when I got home while Lisa went to the store and the girls were sleeping. It was another gorgeous day but we didn't really take advantage of it this afternoon. We opened the windows and just let the fresh air through the house. It felt SO wonderful.

The girls were fascinated with the drapes in our bedroom being blown by the wind. They were actually a little scared of it at first...then warmed up to it and were giggling and playing in no time.

Let's make it 15 days in a row! Hope to share more pics and videos tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

First of all...I LOVE your girls' hair! It's so beautiful, like angel hair. How lucky for them.

Second...I just watched a clip on the Today Show last week....something about a guy who was creating "movies" or whatever out of laughing babies, cute animals...anything to make people happy (and your giggling twins clip definitely does just that). He's been very successful wtih it. I'm wondering if the message you got is someone following suit. Anyway, I'm going to try and find the info from the Today Show for you later.

Congrats on all the $$$ raised for MODimes. You are awesome!

Laurie in OH

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's what I was talking about. It's just a website, not a TV show. Big difference! Your girls could be Japanese *TV* stars, not just kids on the 'net. :)

Laurie in OH

Aldrin said...

the same guy messaged me about my video too! but it was about squirrels so i think they are just looking for any interesting videos on the web. here's to hoping it's not some sort of scam! (i told them they could use it too so we're in this together) =]