Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 DAYS LEFT!!!!!

What a great day!!!! It started VERY early when my transition from night shift to day shift did not go swimmingly. One of my little ladies was having a nightmare and cried out for a few minutes. That was enough to wake me up at 4:30 and...that...was it for sleep for the day. So after realizing I wasn't going to go back to sleep, I thought my time would be better spent fishing than sitting at the computer or playing on the Wii. So I met Sam who was getting off his night shift at 7am for a few hours of fishing.

I know nobody wants to see pictures of me or just want the girls but too bad. Here are a couple of pics that Sam took of me the last couple days fishing. FANTASTIC PICTURES!!

The highlight was I did catch a little fish this morning so I didn't completely strike out. The low light was that when we moved to a different lake I realized that I left ALL my good flies back at the first lake. I went back and they were GONE!! Somebody in that 20 minutes came by and saw my flies, picked them up, and left. They even took my clippers! No kidding, it was like $50 worth of flies. I was pretty upset about that.

BUT! I get home and the girls were just waking up so they cheered me up immediately. So after breakfast, Lisa and I packed them up and took them to a new park. Here are some pictures from the park. I know you've seen plenty of these. The difference here is that they actually kept their pony-tails in! They were adorable!

After lunch, the girls went down for a nap and Lisa and I went out to work on the yard. Granted we don't have a big yard but the weather was perfect and it was long overdue. While we were out there, Lisa looks up and sees this.

THEN...when the girls woke up, we hooked up the girls trailer to the bike and took our first bike ride of the summer. If you remember, we sold our bikes a couple weeks ago. We bought some new ones from REI that are sweeeeeet. Anyway, on the trail we came across a very pleasant moose who was nice enough to pose for the girls. Then on the way back, Lisa spots a beaver in the creek!! So we stop and watch the beaver swim up and down the creek. Suddenly, it starts swimming downstream toward us. About the time I started thinking "this beaver has some naughty intentions", it put it's head down and gave us a huge tail slap on the water. It was pretty cool. He was definitely not happy we were there watching him and needed his space. Sorry, no pictures or videos of that but it was fun.

Back home to get ready for dinner...I ran out to the store to begin replenishing by fly supply. After dinner, we played with the girls like we do every night and it was a blast. Here is a video from the previous night when Alyssa does her first flip! It was pretty exciting.

So that was our day. Pretty good day, eh? We also have two people to thank for today's donations. Kawani who is a friend that we met in McGrath, AK that now lives in CA as well as Brooke...another friend in CA. Thank you two for your donations.

Bank day is Friday so be sure to get your donations in as soon as possible!

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Anonymous said...

You are such a cute family! My youngest and I love your blog.

Watching your video this morning....I was feeling very sorry for parents who don't get to experience twins. Sure, twin parents lose out on some sleep, and the pregnancy sure can be rough.....but to have 2 little ones hugging you, playing with you, or even tickling you at the same's heaven, isn't it? I still love to hug my girls at the same time, even though they are taller than me and will be teenagers in 10 days. :)

Congrats on all of your fund raising. Can't wait to see pictures from the walk. Hope the weather cooperates.


Laurie in the 'Creek (loved that beaver in the creek story by the way...and wish you had pictures!)