Friday, May 01, 2009

OK, I'm back

...BUT we didn't get any donations today so it's gonna get real quiet around here if those donations stop rolling in. So yesterday was a weird day. I think it was the 11 nights in a row of posting that finally caught up to me. So yesterday evening, my headache got worse and worse and as soon as the girls went to bed I thought it would be a good idea to lay down myself...just for a few minutes, right? Next thing I knew it was 1am!! So I got up and saw that Lisa posted (whew) and took the garbage to the curb and then proceeded to go back to bed and sleep through my alarm. So apparently I needed it. I feel much better now...although my alarm will be going off in exactly 5 hours so I won't be feeling so good tomorrow.

So here are the pictures I owe from yesterday. This is a continuation of the previous outing. After the slides, we went over to a grassy area and let the girls run free. They LOVED it!

This one, both girls are pointing up at the airplane.

This last one is funny because what happened immediately after I took the picture. I think Lisa was holding Katy back from running toward the creek. She took a split second to look up and as she was doing so, Alyssa ran right by her.

So not to tease you or anything but Lisa says she has a great video ready to be downloaded. I told her that we need more donations before we'll post anything else so...there you have it.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Lisa would love a day or two of rest like that!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Andy. We all have our days, no doubt. I was knocked out for an afternoon last week - no explanation just a fever of 101.8 plus wicked chills. It's cool that you held out until after the girls went to bed so Lisa wasn't left to deal w/bedtime two just missed out on precious together time. Take it easy. "Well" wishes for all four of you.