Saturday, May 09, 2009

My MAN!! Mr. Dang coming through in the clutch!

I think my buddy in Sacramento has been waiting until the donations slowed down. Well played, Tom. So for you, I had to search through the archives to find some good ones. I was typing this out, Lisa's Mom (Shirley) contributed. Thank you Shirley. Also, thank you to Lisa and Ben for putting our information on their blog. That was VERY nice of you to help spread the word for us.

I found a good one of how big the girls got before we gave away our car seats. I say gave away, but I mean donated to another young family. My friend from work and his wife are pregnant. It's been hard but we're going through the girls stuff and trying to be as giving and generous as all you have been when we found out we were pregnant. So here are the girls right before their first trip back to the hospital when they weighed about 6 or 7 pounds.

And here they are a couple weeks ago...weighing in over 20 pounds.

I found these from one morning when the girls crawled into bed with me and woke me up. It was probably at the crack of 9:30am.

We have been trying to put the girls hair up for a long time but they refuse to keep anything in their hair for more than a few seconds. We snapped a couple of pictures ...or at least tried to... the other morning when we were messing around with their hair. Sorry they aren't the best pictures but you can see how cute they are going to be with their hair up in pony tails.

So the walk is one week from today. Please, if you haven't already, spread the word. Email your friends and family. We have almost reached $2500!! Help us make a final push before the walk next weekend.

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