Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 days to go!!!

Bank day is on Friday. We have just a few more days for your donations. Don't wait until it's too late. Today, we received two more donations. One from Loraine and one from "anonymous". Thank you to both! Lisa is going to share more information about Loraine.

Hey everybody...it's Lisa. I wanted to tell you a little bit about Loraine and her connection to us and the March of Dimes. Thanks to Facebook, Loraine is one of my friends/previous Klein ISD co-workers that I have reconnected with (yeah!). Since our time in Klein together, she got married, moved to New Mexico, and had two gorgeous babies, Benjamin and Madelaine. After sharing my March of Dimes newsletter with her, we exchanged a couple of emails in which she shared the stories of her little ones' entrances into the world...as it turns out we had a lot in common. With Benjamin, Loraine was placed on strict hospital bedrest (i.e. laying on her side with 20 minutes out of bed time per 12 hr. nurse shift) for FIVE weeks due to signs of pre-eclampsia. Benjamin was born by induction at 36 wks. and came home from the hospital with NO NICU time! Things with Madelaine were a bit rougher... Loraine was up and down with mild blood pressure issues and suffered with kidney stones through the whole pregnancy. She was in labor for 3 days with Maddie (which came on very suddenly) at 33 weeks and MAddie was born by emergency c-section at exactly 34 wks. Maddie was in the NICU for 15 days with premature apnea and severe jaundice. She came home with outpatient nurse care, an apnea monitor, caffeine (2x's a day) and oxygen for 6 weeks. BOTH babies were born weighing exactly the same: 4 LBS, 14 ozs. (36 & 34 wks). Benjamin is now 3 yrs old and was dismissed from speech therapy two months ago. Maddie does not have any developmental delays at 20 mths. of age. Because of these experiences, Loraine was already an avid supporter of the March of Dimes who helped her preemies get the best start to life possible. It just amazes me how many of these stories are out there...friends, family members, co-workers...and how many lives the March of Dimes has helped save! Benjamin and Maddie are now 2 MORE reasons we are walking and fundraising this year.

We were just laying around and having some fun this afternoon and got out the camera to take a few pictures and videos. For whatever reason, Katy wanted the moose on her back. I thought it was cute.

And this is a sneak peak for tomorrow's video (if someone donates...wink wink). In that video, we got Alyssa doing a full roll forward!

Here is a fun video. It starts out with the girls running around. Then suddenly Alyssa decides to do the splits more than she's ever done before.

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Cocoanib said...

Hey ya'll!
It's Kawani :)
I saw your link on Lisa's facebook and spent about 2 hours on your blog last night catching up! (While at work of course...gotta love wx observing in Cali)
Goodness gracious, so much has gone on.
Love your beautiful twins and love that you guys turned your tuff experience into something wonderful by helping others.
That's what life is all about!
Many blessings with the walk this weekend :)