Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer Vacation Week 3 (part 2)

Lisa summed up our latest contribution perfectly on Facebook tonight..."THANK YOU Helen for all of your support over the years and your most recent donation!!!"

Today we celebrated Lisa's birthday. The girls and I picked out presents a couple of days ago, took them with us out to dinner, and had an awesome family celebration. Thank you Helen for an extra bonus on an already special day!

Last several days in San beautiful family all ready to go explore Seaport Village near downtown.
Grandpa and Addie going on a walk together.
Love this one.
I actually think this was straight up Coke. I don't know that the girls have had much Coke before so I thought it was funny they were gulping it down as fast as possible. Gotta love that sugar!
All the kids waiting patiently to ride the carousel.
After the carousel, Grandpa treated all the kids to balloon...uhh...animals? Actually this guy was pretty talented. He had dozens of balloons to choose from. Of course Alyssa chose Belle and Katy chose Ariel.
Love this one of Stacy and Lisa.
Back to the beach-house for some more paddle boarding.
No kidding...time to head back to Lego Land! We still had not seen the whole place.
All smiles!
There's a really funny story behind these pictures....
I told everybody I was skipping out because I wanted to take pictures.
Lisa saw through that and I had to admit I don't like those slides. I have a memory from my childhood of taking a big tumble down one of these kinds of slides. So one could say...I'm afraid?? Nope, I just wanted to take pictures.
On your marks....
Methinks Lisa lost.
Katy still sporting the thumbs up.
Drew with the more traditional wave action.
Not sure what's going on here between Katy and Matt... just a random funny picture.
Alyssa checking out the tank.
Last day in San Diego, the girls and Drew taking in some Dora after breakfast.
Then Matt and I had to return the paddle boards after one final rental.
While everyone was getting ready for an evening on the bay, Grandpa entertained the girls with a story.
Then we headed downtown and boarded this boat for an amazing dinner cruise around the bay. Again thanks to Grandpa and Nana for making this happen!
Katy...trying...something new??
New BFFs.
Love this one.
Going under the bridge.
I wish this would have been in focus. I think Drew was in heaven!
Hey Alyssa! What do you think of that sunset??
One final shot as we come in to dock.
Thanks again Grandpa, Nana, and the Tams for a great week!

And thanks again to Helen for her donation today!

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