Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Girls first hike up flattop

A couple of donations in the books today! Thank you Shannon and Erika for your generous donations today!!

I was looking through pictures for tonight's post and came across the girl's first hike up Flattop! How could I forget this gem?!? This actually happened right before our trip down to California. Sam had come up to visit and one of the things on his bucket list was to climb Flattop...so we went for it!

Funny thing is it almost didn't happen. The first 100 yards were just about as unbearable as it gets. The girls would not stop whining about how tired they were and how hard it was...until...we made it above the tree line. As soon as we got above the trees and they could see the amazing view below us, we couldn't slow them down!
One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken of the girls.
We got up to the last saddle where the climb gets a little hairy. Sam went the rest of the way while we stuck around and watched. I climbed up a little hill overlooking where the girls stopped so that is them way down below, the two purple and pink dots.
A picture of Sam taking a picture of me....taking a picture of him...
Nice shower on the other side of Anchorage.
My girls.
Love these three!
Heading down with the trail up to Flattop in the background.
Exhausted but still moving.
We were really impressed with how well the girls did (after those first few hundred yards). Can't wait to get out this summer and explore some more with them.

Thanks again Shannon and Erika for your donations! Who's next???

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