Monday, April 23, 2012

Iditarod tease

This is a little unfair but life is getting in the way of raising money for a great cause! I will honor our commitment and post on the blog every day that we receive a donation but as I start this entry at 11pm (and I still have work to do!), I'm going to have to cut it short tonight. So tonight, I want to recognize two donations that were made; Sam Shea and Katrina! Thank you two for your donations and getting us closer to our $5000 goal! We have a list of pictures that we'd like to share (in addition to whatever is going on currently in our lives). One of those events that has happened over the last several months was the 2012 edition of the Iditarod. Like always, we took the girls to the ceremonial start...or at least along the trail of the ceremonial start. Here is a tease of what's to come from that morning.
Mary-Beth joined us in our "secret" spot.
Alyssa taking a break from cheering on the teams and eating snow to look cute. Just for a moment...and then back to business.
Toward the end, the girls were more and more brave reaching out to get high fives from the mushers.
Alright, back to studying! I feel like I'm in college again!!! GRRRRRRR!! Please keep those donations coming so I can finish up all these pics! ....oh, and raise money for a great cause! :)

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