Thursday, April 26, 2012

cutest girls

Sometimes I really do think I have the cutest girls on the planet. Before we get to the evidence, I have to thank 3 different people for their donations today! Back on track with 3!! Thank you Mr. Driskill, the Kriedermans, and Lisa's Mom for your donations today!! We are almost down to our last 2 weeks with more than half way to go. Lisa and I are planning ways to raise a lot of money but we'll still need every dime from all of our friends and family that you are willing to give. Help us reach our goal!! Back to the cuties- Lisa brought home the girls' first school pictures. Can not believe how great they came out.
And the video that Lisa promised on facebook... Katy "beep" boxing. The explanation is of the shows that the girls will occasionally watch in the afternoon is Electric Company. It is WAY different from what I grew up with but still mildly entertaining. They have someone on the show that will occasionally beatbox. I guess Katy has seen it enough that she has picked up on it and is now trying to imitate it. Pretty funny.... Hope you enjoyed! Who's next??? Thanks again Mr. Driskill, Lisa and Ben, and Eileen for your donations today!!

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