Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Thank you Mary-Beth and Mike for your donations today!!

I wouldn't say we are on a roll yet but we are certainly making progress! If I haven't mentioned it before, click on the link to the right if you'd like to donate. We are going to need every penny this year to make it to our goal.

We had an awesome Easter Sunday! We went to church this morning with our friends which was really special. The girls were as cute as ever and...Lisa and I cleaned up pretty nice too! Unfortunately no pictures of us...but here are a few of the girls.
So an afternoon of egg decorating and The Masters later, we went over to some very close friends house for an Easter dinner. Again, it was a very special day. Several highlights from today but one I just happened to capture on video. Apparently Katy has never really been exposed to a Jack in the Box...until now. Funny how much entertainment this is for a 5 year old! Go ahead...try to watch this and not laugh! I dare you.

Thanks again for the donations Mary-Beth and Mike! I expect big things this week!!

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