Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer Vacation (last week)

Twin mom representin'!! Thanks to Laurie for donating this morning. Laurie is the mother of beautiful twin girls who had the same condition as our girls. Although we've never met, Laurie (and her family) has supported and encouraged us for ....over 5 years now! Can't wait to finally meet you all next month on our trip to Ohio!!

So the final couple of days of our epic summer vacation has finally arrived. Let me just say that picking which pictures to share has not been easy. We took about 1500 pictures during our trip!!

Anyway...after our second week in San Diego, we headed back to my sister's house for a few more days of chilling before returning home to Alaska.
First order of business was to have a party with all of our new LA friends from the movie! So Christin and Lisa (with the help of master griller Tom) put on an awesome party and most everybody showed up. It was amazing to see everyone again.

Katy's best friend from the movie was Casey. Not in focus but you can still tell how happy she was to see him.
My sister's house was the perfect spot for the party.
A lot of the gang reunited again.
Apparently Katy wasn't the only one that likes Casey. You can just see it in her smile how happy Alyssa was.
And this might be my favorite picture from the trip...
Casey and his girlfriend Jana stayed late that night. We had a BLAST!! Although filming never resumed like we thought it would, I like to think that we made some lifelong friends that we'll see again soon.

Last morning before we left, we took some pictures of the cousins together.
Hmmm...this was supposed to be a silly picture. The Gilkesons really need to step up their game! Yeah, I'm calling you all out!
That's a little bit better.
And so ends our epic summer vacation! It's taken me almost 8 months to finally do it but it's done!! Now we can go back to posting current pictures and videos of the girls.

Keep those donations coming!!

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful evening! Jeff and I had such a great time seeing you all at your sister's home! Hope to see you again, soon!
all love,