Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday celebration

Thank you Anne and Kyle!! Our friends from Texas who recently headed north to New York City?! (said in the style of the Pace commercials circa 1994ish) Thank you Anne and Kyle for continuing to support us every year!!

Lisa just let me know that there was also a special request!! Anne and Kyle requested a picture of me and Lisa!
Back to the birthday celebration. We were planning on having the party at the same place we've had it the last 2 years, but the dance studio said "no more birthday parties". Well that sucks. So we started looking for places and came up with the Alaska Club west location. We had no idea but they have an awesome kid center that they rent out on the weekends for parties. We checked it out and booked it!!
The ball pit was a big hit! We let the girls have a little time before everyone else showed up to explore. I'm not sure they made it past the ball pit.
Prissy Superstar!
We also had access to the climbing wall. Here is one of Katy's failed attempts to climb. ...still in good spirits of course.
Like I said, the ball pit was a big hit. Something funny that happened was one of the boys lost his glasses in the pit. Our next door neighbor jumped right in and started digging. I captured the moment she found them.
Like caged animals.
Look close. There are two kids hidden in this pic!
At one point, I decided to climb up to the top and test how well that thing was put together. It was a little scary...until I found these two cuties climbing around.
Moms (and a few Dads) watching the action.
Cupcake time!!
We sang to Alyssa first.
And then Katy.
Cupcake madness!
My favorite sequence.
Then it was time for a LOT of presents!
I took a ton of pictures of all the present opening. Here are one of each of the girls loving their new toys.
So much fun. Thanks to all the parents who brought their kids out to celebrate with us!

Who's next?? We have about 4 weeks to go! Clearly we are going to be blogging every day so no need to wait. Keep those donations coming!!

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