Monday, April 14, 2014

Wedding Pictures!!

I've been waiting almost a year to share these pictures!!  Okay...I haven't been waiting, I've been procrastination over a year to share these pictures.  Sadly it has taken our annual March of Dimes fundraising push to get me back into the spirit of blogging, sharing photos, stories, and adventures.

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Thank you Anne (and family) for your support every year!

I love these pictures I'm about to share.  I love them because of so many reasons...but mainly because this whole trip was a celebration of two people coming together that we ADORE!!!  Nate and Kimberly are the two of the sweetest and best people on planet earth!  I always knew that when they got married, we'd come no matter when or where...and we did!  It was an HONOR to be a witness to this marriage!  It was even more of an honor that they asked our girls to be flower girls.  Lisa and I will cherish these memories as I know the girls will too.  What a special privilege Nate and Kimberly gave us.  THANK YOU!!!

I should also warn you that it was very difficult to cut pictures out.  Not all of these pictures are great but they each show something that is worth sharing.  I don't think they have seen all of these pics yet and no doubt they have a truck load of pics from their professional photographer...but while my focus was on capturing my girls in this moment, I couldn't help but capture some bonus moments.  Enjoy Nate and Kimberly....we love you!

We arrived a day early so we could sneak in a few extra minutes with our buddies.  The next day we relaxed and did some sightseeing before it was time for the rehearsal.

I don't want to brag but this is the girls second gig as flower girls.  They are PROS!!

"Yeah, lady.  We got it."

Perfect little angels stealing the show again!

I debated sharing this picture....but...I can't resist.  Nate's face is priceless.  He gave me an explanation that whether it's true or not was absolutely perfect.

Take two....yep, still got it.

It's game day!!  Look at those curls!  Not sure how Lisa pulled it off. 

The man.  The legend.

Chilling with the guys before the ceremony.

Not bored...just Nate being Nate.  The photobombs are awesome too!

Nate clearly enjoying a massage.  Clearly.

A beautiful setting.

Jim (Dad) helping out his son.

All the guys lining up for some outside shots.

I remember watching this and being very nervous that Nate would see Kimberly but knowing what an AWESOME picture it would be.  I'd love to see the pro's shot from here. 

As you can imagine, the girls were completely infatuated with Kimberly.  At times I felt bad because they were her shadow but at the same time it was SO adorable.
I think Kimberly loved it too.  :)

Never took their eyes off of her.

Except for the 20 times I said "just one more picture!"  You can see in the background all the ladies watching Nate and the boys get their pics done.

Think they're happy??

 So I only took two pictures in the church.  This was one of those moments where you take a mental picture and wish you had a camera....but this time I had a camera and it was pointed right at her!!  Thank you Katy for looking at us and giving the thumbs up!!

The second picture was that moment that always gets you at a wedding, when the groom sees his bride approaching and starts to break down.  I couldn't resist trying to capture that sweet moment.

"We did it, Shadow!!  Now time to party!!"

Just hanging out with the wedding party to start the pictures.

....and here we go!  

Just like their first wedding, the girls were phenomenal.  Not once did they show any signs of wearing down.  It's like they know how big the moment is and how important it is to stay on their best behavior and SMILE!

Just precious.


Time for outdoor pics in the drizzle.

And my two favorite....


Thanks again Nate and Kimberly for inviting us and allowing our girls to be a part of your day!  You are both very special to us!  

On that note, I have MORE pictures from the reception.  Keep those donations coming so I can share them!

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Nate said...

Andy these are so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. The memory of you, Lisa, and the girls being out there will always be one of my favorite things about that weekend. Hope to see y'all soon!