Saturday, April 12, 2014

South Carolina trip continued

Today was another EPIC day in Washington!  After a fun birthday party at the Mobius Science Center downtown, Lisa and I drove down to Pullman to see Jerry Seinfeld!!  If there is a bucket list of comedians, we are making some serious strides.  Gallagher, Dane Cook, Bill Cosby, Brian Regan, and now Jerry Seinfeld.  If we can see Steve Martin and Jim Gaffigan, I think we could go ahead and kick the bucket!

We got home to find we had a donation waiting for us!


We have one month to go before our May 13th deadline.  Don't wait!  Keep those donations coming.

Back to South Carolina...we had a few days hanging with the Gilks before the wedding.  One of those days we drove to Biltmore with perfect May weather!!  As you'll see, we all had a blast.

Proof of both the Biltmore AND the perfect weather...

Aunt Christin loving some twin niece time.  Alyssa and Katy loving some Aunt Christin time!

 Yup.  Nothing but smiles in front of the Biltmore.


They actually had a strict rule about cameras inside the Biltmore and way too many staffers enforcing that rule.  So no pictures until we went down to the garden...which was AMAZING!

Tulips in the garden. 

Tulips in the park.

But the best kind of tulips...

Are tulips in the dark!! 

Never a dull moment.

Captured the sisters posing for a selfie in the tulips.

We couldn't resist stopping and saying hello to this big fellow.  He was not very friendly though.  Now that I think about it, maybe he was a statue because he NEVER MOVED!!  

Back to the home of the Gilks.  Right before we left for the wedding, Uncle Tom was getting geared up for a trip of his own.  What a great opportunity for the girls to have a little fun.

Check out these faces!!

Absolutely love this picture!!

Total adrenaline junkie.  

That takes us up to the day that we arrived in Boone, NC to celebrate the marriage of two GREAT friends.  We have shared a few of these pics since last year but you need to see all of the amazing photos from the rehearsal, wedding, and reception.  Just one quick donation away from the most beautiful wedding you'll ever see!

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