Friday, April 11, 2014

EPIC day today

Today we celebrated Lisa's birthday and it. was. epic!  If you follow us on facebook, you'll see a few pictures from our journey but if you continue to donate, you'll see some GREAT pics!

Speaking of, we received FOUR donations today!  Thank you...

& Todd

I'll go ahead and say that all "thank yous" are aimed at families.  I know most families make these decisions together and equally support our cause.  So thank you to those people and their FAMILIES!!

Today's pictures are from another epic journey.  Just under a year ago, we visited the beautiful states of North and South Carolina.  The purpose of the trip was to join some great friends for their wedding.  Since the wedding was only a few hours away from my sister, we arrived several days early to hang with the Gilks!

First order of business was to see which city has the better waterfalls, Spokane or Greenville. 

Not a bad start, Greenville!  Very scenic...seems a little contrived...but I'll admit it's very pretty. 

Skeptical of the perfectly placed rocks but still, not bad.

Suspension bridge spanning the falls with wonderful panoramic views....check.

Plenty of grass for kids to play and rocks to lure young kids right up to the edge despite their parents constantly yelling "that's far enough" and "BE CAREFUL!!!"  ....check.

Beautiful family with pint sized dog that is likely scared of, well, everything....check.

Whoah!  Nice touch with the tree from the Mesolithic era complete with exposed routes to lure adult males to try and climb and prove their manliness....check. 

Showing off now, Greenville. 

 Ducklings swimming around??  Are you serious?  This isn't real.  Probably animatronic or maybe even some animal trainer standing around the corner using a whistle to control their every move.  

Yep this is fake.  No duck swims this close to 6 year olds. 

This is said "dog" that is likely scared of everything.  Look at it wrong and it will yelp in fear.  

The girls don't seem to mind how contrived this whole "park", "waterfalls", and "happy family atmosphere" thing that's happening around them. 

Oh COME ON!!!!

"Come here so that I may brain thee!!"

"....a little closer...."

"Mommy, they're taunting us!!!"

Okay I get it, it's a CUTE dog!!!  Now go bark at that scary butterfly.

 Careful Lisa, it may be trained to kill!

And the system starts to break down.  The ducks starting attacking each were was a sad, sad place to be.  

Oh the horror!

Okay now I know it's fake.  What city hires hippies to practice their advanced yoga in the shade next to the "river"??  Seriously??

 Still the girls don't seem to mind.  Pictured below is the girls enjoying another swing while Katy toasts with an invisible glass of juice.

Not bad, Greenville.  Not bad at all.  But stick around and you'll see my rebuttal!  Spokane isn't going to take this fake beautiful weather, scenery, and atmosphere laying down. 

Thanks again for the donations and Happy Birthday to my best friend!!!

More donations and we'll start sharing pictures from possibly the most beautiful weddings we've ever been to!!

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