Saturday, April 05, 2014

2014 March for Babies Fundraising Campaign Begins right......MEOW!!

We're back, baby!!  Today we kicked off our 7th March for Babies fundraising campaign!  As many of you, one of the incentives we have used every year is to reward donations with posts on this blog.  Over time, I have slowly stopped posting to the blog during the year...except for these 39 days!  Maybe over the next several weeks I'll go into why, but not tonight.  Tonight we celebrate 7 amazing years with my two little miracles!  Not a day goes by that I don't think back to how scared we were during the winter of 2007.  That is another goal of mine these next several weeks, is to relive those months leading up to the girls being born.  7 years later, I want to revisit those stories and emotions.  I said tonight during dinner that I remember a time when I couldn't imagine them as 2 year olds!!!  And there they sat next to us ordering their own dinner, braiding Lisa's hair, and thumbing through old pictures on my iphone.  How in the world did we get here??

To catch you all up with the last year, we have to start with their 6th birthday!!  I'm not sure yet what I'm going to blog about after each donation but I thought looking back to last year's birthday pictures would be a fun place to start.  This blog is dedicated to the 4 donations we received today...
The Ballards
Becky Perry
The Cottermans (or is it Cottermen??)

Thank you each for your donation and for kicking off what promises to be a fun 39 days of fundraising!  We will celebrate this year by driving out to Salem, OR and walking with the Randalls April 27th although we will keep raising money up until May 13th, the anniversary of the day the girls came home from the NICU.

Without further ado, I present Happy Birthday 2013!!!

Katy very carefully decorating her butterfly cupcake.

 Only taking a break to give her biggest fan a kiss!

Decorating cupcakes is serious business!

 Not sure if this was a pinterest idea or what...but it turned out GREAT!  The girls loved helping make them.  Certainly a very memorable and creative birthday celebration.

Time to open presents.  I'll take credit for this one.  I did some last minute shopping for the girls at....yes, Lowe's!

I love capturing those moments of pure joy. 

Reminds me of their 4th birthday party....

 I remember last year being a unicorn/horse theme.  After they opened those presents, no way they were going to put them down...not even for the candles and cupcake eating!

I like this picture.  Notice the horse candle...very cool.

My sweet 3 ladies!!

Alyssa giving the universal signal for approval.

And Katy adding her own unique way of saying "mmmm, MMMM!"

So thank you again for kicking us off right!  If you haven't seen, our goal is $4660 to bring our 7 year total to $30,000!!  I hope you'll click on the link to the right and help us reach this remarkable feat!

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