Sunday, April 06, 2014

The party continues

We got a donation today so the blogging continues!!  Thanks to Christina for her donation today!

My favorite part of Christina's donation today is what she did AFTER.  She shared our March of Dimes page on her facebook wall!  Brilliant!  It's what we hope everyone will do but we have to draw our shameless pleads and begging somewhere.  But Christina took advantage of social media and helped us spread the word.  For that AND your donation, THANK YOU!!

Today's blog post is later in the day on April 5, 2013.  The girls opened their presents and decided they wanted to go downtown to one of their favorite places, the 105 year old Spokane Carrousel!  The carrousel is one of many reasons we love downtown Spokane.  No doubt, if you come visit us we'll take you to some of these sights.

 While she doesn't look excited in this picture, I guarantee you she was squealing with excitement moments before and after this picture was taken.

Beautiful carrousel. 

The most stressful part of every ride is sprinting around to find the perfect horse.

But once they find a horse, it's all smiles!

 While I love riding with them, I always get better pictures watching them circle around.

Another great picture of the historic carrousel.  

Just a cute picture...probably them begging to go just "ONE MORE TIME!!!!"

Standard for our trip to Riverfront Park is a walk along the water and the girls terrorizing the local waterfowl.

Love this place.

My turn to terrorize the local waterfowl. 

This isn't even the best part of Riverfront Park!  If you haven't seen the waterfalls, just wait for those pics!

My beautiful birthday girls.

I found a couple of good pics worth sharing from that month.  This one was taken on a trip to
 Coeur d'Alene.  We don't know who those people are but thought it was worth the photo op. 

Just a great shot of Katy popping a bubble in the backyard.

Speaking of backyard, this was the view of an awesome shower from our backyard.   Love it!!

Thanks again for the donation today.  I hinted at more hilarious videos...those will eventually be shared.  I want to combine them into one instead of 3 or 4 different youtube clips.  So just keep giving and you will be rewarded!!

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