Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dance recital

The donations continue!  After an amazing day yesterday, we got big donations from 

Emily and
Mom & Dad!!

For you, we have a great moment from May of 2013; the girls' first dance recital in Spokane.  This dance studio is a little more intense than the one we went to in Anchorage.  They put on a full production with kids from preschool all the way up to through high school.  It was impressive!  

The girls played shadows in the ballet Coppelia.  They worked hard on their part for weeks and weeks.  The dress rehearsal wasn't real smooth but the girls were patient as always.

When it was finally their turn to rehearse...perfect little angels.

Even though it was past dinner, you can tell they were holding it together like little champs.
Love this picture.

The big day!  I had fun floating around the back of the theater dialing in
 on the right settings for the camera.  

Soon enough, it was the shadows turn on stage.

So perfect.

We were so happy to see their kindergarten teacher come to watch!  She had 20 kids in that class and no way she could come to every recital or game or whatever...but she made it to 
Katy and Alyssa's!!

And then offered to take a picture of the happy family!

The rest of the time was spent by Lisa helping out by watching all the girls and me taking more pics.


The girls were so fascinated with the main character from the ballet, a graduating senior from a local high school.  She had come up through the same program the girls are in now.

My little princesses!!

If you're wondering, they are currently working on the 
2014 recital which is only a few weeks away!  

Again, thank you so much for the donations today!  Keep'em coming!

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