Tuesday, April 22, 2014


That's what I have...faith!  I have faith in all of you.  Every year, Lisa and I stress about whether we're going to make our goal or not, how we could do things differently, should we change things up??  This year has been one of slowest starts which of course has us asking ourselves those questions.

I admit though, it doesn't matter.  We'll push.  We'll ask of our friends and family to give.  Some will.  A lot won't.  But it's all okay because we're just giving YOU the opportunity.  We're providing YOU with an opportunity to support a cause that we believe in.  It doesn't matter if we raise $10 or $10,000...it's all about you!

Today, it's all about MARY-BETH!!!!  Thank you for getting us back on track!!

Tonight (thanks to the amazing MB!), we finish up our trip to the Carolinas.  A few hours later, we were dancing the night away!  See evidence below with BFF Sam and Lisa.

The girls being introduced to the party.

I'll admit it's still weird for me to just sit back and watch the girls do their thing.  Sometimes they are growing up just a bit too fast. 

Kim's entrance to the party.  

First dance and the girls couldn't take their eyes off Kim.

Sharing some pictures with Nate and Kim that they may have not seen yet.  
The girls are pretty cute too.  

I know I already said it but Kim was amazing!  It's HER day but she still was so patient with the girls....always stopping to listen to them or give them a hug.

 You're going to make a great Mom, Kim!!

Time to get my dance on!

Dancing....then we ...danced.  After that, we .....danced!

While Sam and I documented the festivities.

All the ladies want to do is DANCE!!! 

First time we'd seen Sam since we moved in August and Sam still holds a very
 special place in their heart.

Speaking of special...who's this bald dude Lisa's all cuddled up with on the dance floor?!!  


Look at that hair!!

...a little bit quieter now...

...a little bit quieter now.......

Girls found someone else that would dance with them.

Time for the toast.  Sorry Nate but I had a hard time finding a picture where you weren't making a crazy face.  The is the best I could do.

I was showing the girls this picture.  Katy says "DID I EAT THAT CAKE?!!!!"

Waiting patiently for their turn.....

Hey girls, where's your cake??

Oh I'm so happy now!!!!

"Daddy, what should we do now???"


Sam and I ..... doing....something.

And I'll finish this off with a great pic of me and one of my girls!  

 Thank you again Nate and Kim for letting us be a part of your special day.  You are amazing friends and we can't wait to see you again soon!!

And thank YOU Mary-Beth for getting us back on track.  We always tread that delicate line of wanting to ask and remind folks to donate without being obnoxious.  Thank you for thinking of us and supporting March of Dimes!  You ROCK!!

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