Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Another donation so another post tonight!! Thanks Helen for your generous donation. We appreciate your support.

Thanks to Helen, I'll post some more pictures and videos from today's adventures. It is a BEAUTIFUL weather pattern in Anchorage right now...well beautiful for us. We're finally hitting the lower 50s with the warm sun beating down on our pale skin. It feels goooooood.

So today we took the girls to a nearby park and let them go down the slide for the first time!! As with everything, they were a little hesitant at first but caught on pretty quick. Before too long, they were running back up the stairs on their own and flying down the slide.

Here's a quick video of the girls going down the slide.

And a bonus video. Tonight Lisa went out with a friend to dinner. Alyssa didn't handle it so well. The last time this happened, I got out the video camera and recorded her crying and then showed it to her. It didn't work so well this time but still made for a cute video.

Keep those donations coming. I'll post something the next time we get another donation!!

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