Tuesday, April 28, 2009


WOW! What a great lunch! That went off so much better than we could have ever anticipated. We raised a whopping $360 today!!

The girls did phenomenal. Initially, they were a little shy but warmed up to everyone nicely. Lisa and I are exhausted so I'm going to get right to some pictures.

By the way, all the credit goes to Lisa. She did such a wonderful job putting all of this together. I also have to mention that Judith from Alexandria, VA donated today. Thank you for your contribution.

Fisherman Nate putting on a blog worthy face while stuffing his face with good food.

It's "other Andy".

After we cleaned up, the girls were itching to really strecth their legs. So we walked them up the hill by the office. Be sure to click on at least this first picture and look how old Alyssa looks. It took our breath away tonight when we saw it.

So now that we've surpassed any expectation we had going into this year, how will the next 18 days go?? We are all the way up to $1705...an awesome feat!


Lisa said...

Yea!!!! I've been waiting ALL night long on my midshift for you to post these pictures, and they did NOT disappoint! So wonderful of the office to come together for that, and how stinkin cute the girls are! Tell Lisa she is amazing, and LOOKS amazing too! Thanks again for the post, and all the fun videos lately, feels like we're a little closer than 3500 miles away :)

Love you guys!

Honey said...

Congrats to both of you! The pictures are awesome and the food looked great (even if I didn't see one Longaberger serving piece). The girls are looking so grown up. How does that happen? Can't wait to see you all in June!!!
Love, Mom

Amy said...

Lisa and Andy,

Awesome job and great pics!!! My favorite pic is that last one of Katy--what a doll!

So, by the way, what did you end up cooking??