Friday, April 24, 2009

ANOTHER donation!

Thank you Dennis and Terri for your donation today! With that last donation, Lisa and I decided that we need to raise our goal. I admit that I didn't put enough faith in you guys. You are awesome! Our new goal is $1500 and I think we can do it. It sounds like our lunch is going to be a huge success on Tuesday and we still have 3 weeks left to spread the word. Keep spreading the word...share out blog, our newsletter, our story. Help us raise money for a wonderful cause.

And now today's pictures. We took some pictures right when the girls woke up this morning. They are always cute...but this morning they were especially cute. First, Katy posing with her blankie (although when they say it, it sounds more like "piggy").

This next one looks like a sad face but she was actually stretching.

I look over and see my mouth-breather with her wild hair.

Then they asked me to read Where the Wild Things Are and I happily obliged.

...which reminds me, I have a correction from yesterday's post. Evidently, it was not my sister who donated yesterday...instead it was my awesome nephew and 2 nieces. So thank you Connor, Rachele, and Olivia!!

So tomorrow is going to be a long day for everybody. Lisa is going to have the girls on her own all day. Reason is...I'm going fishing in the morning for the first time this season. I'm gonna make an early morning drive down to the Kenai to try and get some early season Rainbows. Then I have to drive back in time for my 2-10 shift. Whew...gonna be a long day.

Thanks for all the donations. If you haven't donated yet, be sure to get in on the action to help us reach our goal of $1500!!

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Christin/Aunt Christin said...

I cannot wait to read that story to the girls! Are you working on roaring terrible roars, rolling terrible eyes, gnashing terrible teeth, and showing terrible claws?