Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Birthday times 2!!

We celebrated the girls' 2nd birthday today. It has been a VERY busy day of playing, opening presents, and playing, and opening presents...and then some more playing. In a way, it was like Christmas in April.

Since I had to work until late this evening, I am just going to upload a couple of pictures and a video from this morning. I have a couple days off so I promise I will catch up on some more videos and pictures of the girls.

You have to look at these two pictures closely. First is the serious look.

...and this is the smile.

How 'bout some cute new sunglasses pictures?


Honey said...

They take my breath away. BEAUTIFUL pictures and I love the video. Can't wait to see more! OHHHHHHH I want to be there with you!
Love, Mom

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn and Alyssa! You are TWO cute! Your presents are on their way!

Amy & Co