Monday, April 27, 2009

8th night in a row posting

That means we're raising a lot of money. Today, our long time friend and her family (Amy, Dave, and kids) get the credit. They donated today bringing out total up to $1250!! I don't even want to mention our goal because we have already far surpassed any expectation we had going into this. You guys are all amazing...and we still have 20 days left!

I really do think Tuesday is going to be a big success at my work. It seems like many people are excited...granted it could just be because we're bringing home cooked food and "selling" it for $5. We are hoping people get the idea that we're raising money...not just selling food, and give much more than $5. We'll see. I know it is going to be a success no matter what but it sure would be nice for it to be a HUGE success.

Speaking of stuffing our are a couple pictures of the girls during breakfast this morning.

After we did all the shopping for the Tuesday meal, we ran back home so I could load up the bikes (side story but we sold our bikes today to Sam and Cindy) before I went to work. While I was doing that, the girls and Lisa went next door to played with the next door neighbors in their backyard. I couldn't resist grabbing the camera and taking a few quick pics of the fun.

And now for the lecture portion of today's post...for those of you who wished yesterday's post focused around the girls (whether you voiced your opinion or were secretly disappointed when you checked the blog), I selected yesterday's theme for a reason. ONE...Nate's mom donated yesterday and what better way to thank her than by showing her pictures of her son doing the thing he loves thousands of miles from home. And TWO...Nate was also a preemie. So to go full circle here...Nate is another reason you should be donating. It's programs like March for Babies that helped little tiny premature babies like our girls and Nate (way back in the late 80s) insure they had the best start to life as possible. So while it may have looked like I was showing off my adventure yesterday, I was really supporting our cause from another point of view.

...or maybe you were right and I just wanted to brag!

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