Monday, April 27, 2009


...came through with a big donation today! Those of you who don't know him, his real name is Todd but some of us refer to him as "The Foisinator". Also, Lisa's Grandmother in Indiana contributed...bringing our total up to $1325 with our big lunch tomorrow.

Lisa worked very hard today to get everything ready including making brownies and 80-some cookies. All the ingredients for the sandwiches are ready to go. We were just debating about whether we should go to bed for a few hours and get up at 2:30 to put everything in the crock pot or just stay up. It's just about midnight and Lisa's about done with the Wii Yoga and I'll be done posting in a few so hmmmmmm. Wii bowling or sleep? I don't know.

I took some pictures and videos this morning just in case someone donated. So first, Lisa mixing up the batch of cookies.

And then there's me trying to entertain the babies to keep them out of the kitchen.

We eventually went outside and played. But before then, I managed to get a couple funny videos. First, Alyssa chasing me around while uncontrollably laughing. At first though, notice how both of them sign thank you when I say "no thank you".

And a video of Katy doing my favorite thing. I think I told this story before but the girls were watching me watch a basketball game and Katy picked up on my saying "YES". It has stuck.

Well you'll definitely get a post tomorrow cause I'm POSITIVE we're going to raise some money. Wish us luck.

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