Friday, April 24, 2009

MORE donations!!!

WOO-HOO!! Keep'em coming! Today Julie, Sister Christin and co-worker Christian donated. We are now only $170 from our original goal. Like I said a while ago, I didn't think we'd be able match our success from last year but you guys are proving us wrong. We'll keep pushing and pushing until our walk in 22 days and hopefully surpass last year.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, if you didn't get the newsletter in the email and would like to see it...drop us a line and we'd be happy to send it to you. Our email is

So today you caught me off guard. I've posted most of our recent "good" pictures and videos. It was a messy day and Lisa had a dentist appointment so we really didn't get to go out and have any fun today. Luckily, Lisa took a couple pictures and a video this evening to show off the girls new shirts they received from Amy from Disneyland. They also got some fancy "Finding Nemo" cups.

I like this video cause you can hear some of the words the girls are saying without us asking them to repeat us.

Alright you awesome people...thank you for donating. We will take some pics and videos tomorrow in anticipation of our next post.

In other news, we are planning a fund raising lunch at my office on Tuesday so work people...don't worry that you haven't received an email yet. We'll hit you up next week. Lisa and I have been experimenting with which slow cooker recipe to serve. Tomorrow we're going to try out a Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sandwich...mmm-MMMM!!!


Honey said...

Oooh, you better fix the comment on who donated from the Gilkeson family. I happen to know it was the three cousins and not Christin!!
Keep those pictures and videos coming! We are loving them!

Christin/Aunt Christin said...

Just a quick correction.....the Gilkeson donation actually came directly from Connor, Rachele, and Olivia.

Amy said...

May I make a suggestion for your luncheon? The Texas Two-Meat Slow Cooked Chili out of your very own slow-cooker cookbook that I copied when I was there is AWESOME!! It won the "People's Choice Award" at my work when I made it this winter. Good luck with the luncheon--I know it'll be ahuge success no matter what you make!